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Travel to Russia from Russian tour-operator

Payment Options

MK-TOURS Travel Agency offers you different options to realize the payment for our services. You can choose the most convenient one for your case.


– Payment by a bank card (credit or debit card):
We accept payment by VISA and MasterCard. If you choose to pay with credit or debit card for the services in Russia, please, note that on the day of payment (bank operation with your card) you will be charged in the currency of your national bank (that issued your card) according to the exchange rate of your national currency and Russian Rouble (RUR). For this kind of payment we will supply you with some important instructions.
The exchange rate will be set not only by the Russian State Central Bank, but also by your local bank (that issued your bank card) on the day of payment (card charge). Also your local bankspayment-options-credit-cards-VISA-MasterCard might charge its commission for such bank operation with a card. But any way, such payment by a bank card VISA or MasterCard is the most quick and simple way of payment for our services.
NB! We do NOT accept AMEX (American Express cards).
IMPORTANT! We assure you that your credit / debit card information is treated strictly confidentially. We never distribute any of your personal data to third parties. All your bank card information is stored in our off-line (paper) database for a while and then deleted.


– Payment by a bank transfer:
If you don’t have a bank card VISA or MasterCard or of it is more convenient for you to pay us via a bank transfer, we can accept with pleasure your payment to our bank account in EUR. In this case we will send you the invoice with our bank data and supply you with some essential instructions. Please, be prepared that for this type of payment you should pay some certain commission to your local bank to cover the bank charges for the bank transfer operation so as we could get your full pay to our bank account.


* Payment in cash: For the resting payment (that is realised upon your arrival in Russia), we accept cash (EUR/USD or RUR). Please, note that the banknotes of EUR or USD must NOT contain any inscriptions or drawings or stamps (even very small stamps) or coffe/tea stains or any other food/drink stains. Also banknotes should NOT be torn or worn-out.
PS. Sorry for this inconvenience, but the banks in Russia do not accept any marked banknotes of EUR or UDS or another currency.