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Russian Train Tickets

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To reserve and buy train tickets with us, please, send your request to our email info@mk-tours.com or click the button here below.

NB! The Russian Railways start the train tickets sale and give the exact rates and schedule 45 days or 60 days or 90 days prior to the train departure date.

Types of trains in Russia: In Russia there are 3 types of trains: regular, express and high speed. All types usually have the 1-st class and the 2-d class. The difference for overnight trains is that a 1-st class compartment possesses of 2 equal low beds, while in a 2-nd class compartment there are 4 berths (2 low beds and 2 upper beds).

First class (overnight train) Second class (overnight train)

Besides the night trains there are fast day trains, that are also called ‘high speed trains’ (SAPSAN), which arrives from Moscow to St. Petersburg (or viceversa) in about 3,5-4 hours. The difference between the 1-st and the 2-nd class in SAPSAN trains is that the first class carriages provide more facilities & comfort and have more space between the seats.