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Tourist visa to Russia

Russian Tourist Visa – Invitation for Tourist Visa to Russia

russian tourist visaTourist visa to Russia is a type of visa meant for tourists trips. It can be issued maixmum for 1 month (usually up to 30 days) with single or double entry. For this type of visa invitation usually the hotel confirmation is required. 

Russian tourist visas are issued for foreign visitors in Russian Consulates or Embassies that are situated in the foreign countries (out of the territory of Russia). To understand where it will be better for you to apply for a tourist visa to Russia, please, see the consulate locator. To apply for a Russian tourist visa you need a tourist invitation – a special document that contains a tourist voucher and a hotel confirmation. The visa invitation should be issued by the travel agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation and registered in the Federal Agency of Tourism in Russia.

Tourist invitation options and price-list

Tourist invitation SGL entry – standard price 25 EUR
Tourist invitation DBL entry – standard price 30 EUR
NB! Visa registration fee is NOT included in the invitation price!

* Double entry visa is required when your need to re-enter Russia during the period of the validity of your russian visa.
IMPORTANT: If you arrived in Russia with tourist visa you should be registered within 3 working days upon your arrival. The visa registration can be done by the hotel you are staying in or by your host organization. If you are going to stay in Russia less than 7 working days, you don not need to register your visa. To get some more details about visa registration process and rules, please, see our page visa registration.

NB! For some counries (please, see the list), which have special agreement with Russian Federation visa is not needed to enter Russia for the period less than 90 days or so. In some cases only the invitation paper is required; but in usually the citizens of these countries can enter Russia just showing their passport. But anyway it is better to check the information in your local Russian Consulate before travel to Russia to avoid any problems on the border.