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Travel to Russia from Russian tour-operator

Terms & Conditions

To make reservation of the tourist services with MK-TOURS:
– To book our tours, excursions and transfers in St.Petersburg or in St.Petersburg and some other citie(s) you need make us the prepayment at least 2 weeks before your arrival to Russia, since we have to book and then buy out in advance the tickets to the museums and also need to pre-book the guide & transport services. This is necessary to guarantee you these tours, trasnfers, entrance tickets and etc. And we pay penalties in case of late cancellations of these services and tickets reserved in advance. So, to reserve the tours with us you have to pay us at least 50% in advance (by credit card or via a bank transfer). The resting amount can be paid us upon your arrival to Russia (in St. Petersburg).
– If you want to reserve with us only one tour or excursion or only transfer(s), in this case we need 100% prepayment in advance. The possibility to divide the payment into two parts can be only if you book with us various services and the total amount for them is over 180EUR.
– If you are not planning to visit St. Petersburg during you stay in Russia and reserve with us the services only in Moscow and/or any other Russian cities, in this case you have to pay us the whole amount for the services in advance (before your arrival to Russia) as we have our office and managers only in St. Petersburg. In other cities we have only our partners, who help us to arrange the services for you. But of course in this case your first prepayment can be 1-2 months (or even more) in advance and the second payment about 10-14 days before the start date of your trip to Russia. But in some cases we might need your final payment earlier_ for example, for the tours in some transiberian cities, for example, or other Russian cities. So, you need to check your case with your manager.
– If you book with us the hotel accomodation, please, be aware that the hotels should be 100% pre-paid at least 14 days before your arrival (if there is not any special conditions for the hotel booking for your dates). For some hotels can be different conditions. So, please, check it with your manager.
– If you reserve with us a tour package (with transfers, excursions, hotel accomodation and etc. included), we need to receive from you about 50%-80% of the total amount for the package in advance. About the exact amout (or percentage) of your prepayment, please, ask your personal manager. But of course we can divide for you this prepayment into 2 or 3 parts. The last part needs to be paid at least 3 weeks before your arrival to Russia. In case of such complex tours you manager will give you the detailed information about the ‘dead line’ of your final payment.
– In case of small groups (4PAX-8PAX), middle groups (10-25PAX) and large groups (more than 25PAX) we will have special terms and conditions. It is arranged specially for each group and in each case. All these arrangment is usually made by a group manager and confirmed by the company director.
– In case of any special individually made (‘tailor made’) tour package the terms and conditions can be also different and special. Your should ask about it your manager. But usually in such cases our managers provide the clients with the required information.
– If you gave us by mistake the wrong information (for example, the incorrect passport data) for arranging the train or plane tickets for you, in this case you will have to pay the penalties for the cancelation of the incorrect tickets and ordering the new (correct) ones as MK-TOURS Travel Ccompany can not be responsible for your errors.


In case of cancellation:
If you need to cancel your reservation after having paid us for it, we will return you the money back to your bank card or to your bank account (depending on the way you have paid us for the cancelled services).
If the free cancellation is possible, we will return you the total amount, that you have paid us, except for the amount taken for credit card operation or for the bank transfer (usually it is about 10% of the total amount).
In other cases we return you the resting amount – with the deduction of the penalty for late cancellation and the commission for bank operation. Usually free cancllation (with the deduction of only 10% for bank operations) can be possible about 30 days before the start date of the services; if you cancel your reservations only 10-14 days before the start date of the services, your will be refunded about 40-50% of the total amount; and in case of the late cancellation (less than 10-14 days before the trip), unfortunately no refund is possible. But, please, ask about the detailed of conditions and cancellation policy for your reservations your personal manager – as these conditiones depends on the dates of your travel and the kind of services you have booked.
IMPORTANT! In cases of group bookings (even for small groups of 4-8PAX) and also in case of some complex and special individual packages the cancellation policy might be different and stronger. You should ask your personal manager about it in details.
NB! In some cases cancellation is NOT possible, it concerns the plane & train tickets, theatre tickets, Special offers for tour packages and some other services (that comprise 7-15% discount) and any low fare tariffs that are NOT refundable!