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Tours in Far East

The Russian Far East is extraordinarily far from Russia’s major population centers in European part of Russian Federation and is usually visited separately or in the end of Trans-Siberian Travel. The largest city in the region, Vladivostok, is 7 time zones away from Moscow. Russian Far East differs a lot from popular conceptions of Russia. It is rather mountainous region, that also attracts toursits with its picturesque scenery of Pacific coastline.
The Far Eastern region is the largest federal district in Russia (about 40% of the land area of the country) and has borders with different countries: land borders with China and North Korea, and sea borders with Japan and the United States. The Far East region is rich in natural resources as well as possesses unique flora and fauna. Its lands have got significant reserves of diamonds, gold, rock crystal, mica, sulfur and other important minerals; as well as plenty of forests.
If you have already seen all the important sights of the European part of Russia and want to discover this country from another side or just want some different kind of attractions or even adventures, in this case the tours to Russian Far East will suit you perfectly. The highlights of this massive region with its distinctive nature include the cities of Vladivostok, Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk, etc