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Tours in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk lies along the Amur river. The city of Khabarovsk was founded in 1858 as a military outpost Khabarovka. It was named after the Russian explorer Erofey Khabarov, who made several expeditions to the Amur River basin in the XVII century. Modern Khabarovsk is spread on numerous small ridges and valleys. The city has an attractive riverside park with pleasant esplanade and an amusing mixture of modern high buildings and old one-storeyed wooden houses. Khabarovsk is now a big industrial center. There are engineering, machine-building, oil refining, furniture making and light industries as well as several scientific-research establishments and railway-engineering institutes.


We offer you the City Tour in Khabarovsk to understand the history and culture of this Far East city. During this excursion you will be taken to the most interesting and famous places of the city: Lenin’s Square (main and central square of Khabarovsk), the buildings of the former City Council and of the present Government of Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur Cliff, the monument to the count Muravyev-AmurskyGovernor General of Eastern Siberia, the monument to Erofey Khabarov, who explored the Amur river and its coasts and etc. You will also see the famous cathedrals of Khabarovsk – the Assumption Cathedral, the Saviour-Transfiguration Cathedral, the Temple of Saint Seraphim Sarovskiy, the Church of St. Innocent of Irkutsk (the patron saint and protector of Siberia and Far East), etc. In Khabarovsk you must see its famous Khabarovsk Bridge over the Amur river (that is also called the “Amur Wonder”). It is a two-level bridge – its lower level is meant for trains and its upper level serves for cars and other vehicles. You can also make a walking tour in the city center of Khabarovsk, visiting the historical downtown – the Muravyev-Amursky street – and admire its graceful old mansions, theatres, city ponds and parks. You will cross the Cathedral square and follow down stairs along the large staircase towards the Amur river embankment. In Khabarovsk you can also visit some interesting museums such as: Regional Ethnographic and Local Lore Museum, the Museum of the Amur Bridge (dedicated to the history of construction and reconstruction of the bridge across the Amur River and also possessing some railway equipment of past centuries and the dismantled bridge truss of the former Tsar’s Bridge), the Museum Aquarium “Fish of the Amur river”, etc. You can also enjoy the boat tour along the Amur river, that will give you a great opportunity to admire alternative views of the city from water as well as the mighty Amur river itself and picturesque landscapes of the riverbanks out of town. We can also suggest you some ethnical tours in the suburbs of Khabarovsk. For example, we can take you to the Bichiha village, where you can experience Russian traditional mode of life and see ‘Russkaya izba’ (Russian traditional house) with a real Russian stove, made by an experienced stove-maker according to all ancient rituals and rules, as well as all attributes of traditional Russian house and hospitality: red corner with icons, big wooden table, large benches. There you will also see the park with several wooden sculptures that represent various heroes of Russian fairy-tales. Besides the excursion dedicated to the customs and traditions tipical for traditional Russian village, you can also learn how to make Russian traditional dolls during a special workshop as well as see a kind of folk performance (Russian songs and dances). Another ethnic tour can be organize to Nanai village – to get to know the way of life, culture, habits and traditional costumes of the native people of these lands – the Nanais. You will visit the Nanai cultural museum, see the petrogliphs of more than 2000 years old. You will be invited to a local Nanai family and will taste their traditional meals, watch the fish skin processing and wood carving. In the end of this tour you will have a Nanai folk concert.

NB! Prices are indicated PER PERSON in EUR.



3-4 PAX

5-6 PAX

Standard City Tour (3-4 hours)

Walking tour (3-4 hours)

City tour + Museum of Amur Bridge (5-6 hours)

Walking Tour + visiting 1 museum (5-6 hours)

Boat trip along the Amur river (1 hour) / offered as a supplemet to the city tour or walking tour

Tour to Bichiha – Russian village (5 hours)

Tour Nanai village (7-8 hours)