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Tours in Siberia

Siberia occupies a vast territory of Russia, thet comprises different climatic zones and variety of geographic landscapes. The most important and popular Siberian cities are Novosibirsk, Kraznoyarsk and Irkutsk. Besides the Russian inhabitants, there are many aborigines (people of the local tribes). Siberia is bounded by the Ural Mountains in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east; it neighbours with Central Asia, Mongolia and China in the south and with the Arctic Ocean in the north. For many people Siberia symbolizes much cold, but this is only partially correct. The most of Siberia has large difference between winter and summer temperatures. The Siberian winter is really cold and rather long, but its summer is surprisingly warm. The Siberian region is rich in rivers and lakes, which are full of fish. The northern part of Siberia is arctic tundra and has rather big population of reindeer. The far southeastern part of Siberia, that is close to Manchuria, is occupied by subtropical forests.
Novosibirsk – one the biggest Siberian cities and the third largest city in Russia (after Moscow and St. Petersburg) is situated on the bank of the river Ob, in the southeast of Siberia. The train station of Novosibirsk is the biggest one of the Trans-Siberian route; the Library in Novosibirsk is the biggest in Siberia. The Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater is the biggest theater in Russia (even larger than Bolshoy Theater in Moscow). Novosibirsk is also known as a scientific center of Russia and is famous for its Akademgorodok, that houses the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Krasnoyarsk is a third largest city of Siberia, situated on the banks of the river Yenisei. It was founded in XVII century as a fortification and named “Krasny” (that is ‘red’ in Russian). In 1690 the settlement Krasny Yar (which means ‘red steep bank’) got the status of a city and was finally named Krasnoyarsk.
Irkutsk is on of the largest cities in Siberia, the center of Russian Aviation Industry, important point of the Trans-Siberian Railway and significant commercial & trade center. Irkutsk was built on the banks on Angara river, that is an inflow of the great Siberian river Yenisei. The city’s name comes from the name of the river Irkut that flows to the Angara river. The famous Lake Baikal is situated not far from Irkutsk and is also a pearl of Siberian land.


City tour in Novosibirsk comprises the most significant attractions of the city: Novosibirsk The Train Station of Novosibirsk (that is the biggest station of the Trans-Siberian Railrway), Ascension Cathedral, The Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater (that is the biggest theater in Russia), old wooden houses on Gorkogo street (that is the oldest part of the city), St. Nicolas Chapel (which is the geographic center of Russia), The Embankment of the Ob river, The Library (that is the largest in Siberia), colorful Siberian farm-market and etc. In addition to a standard city tour, you can also visit the Local Lore (History Museum), representing the fascinating and mystical history of Siberia or we can arrange for you a boat-trip along the Ob river (available from May till September). Another interesting excursion in Novosibirsk is a tour to the scientific town Akademgorodok (located about 30km from Novosibirsk) – that is the only scientific city in the world, where all the branches of sciences are presented. There you will visit the famous Museum of Geology, situated in the building of the Geology Research Institute, The Open-Air Railway Museum (that possesses a unique collection of the old Trans-Siberian trains), and the Novosibirsk reservoir (that so called “artificial lake”). You will also enjoy beautiful gardens of this small, but modern town and, of course, get acquainted with the history of Russian science.