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Tours in Vladivostok

Vladivostok is unofficial capital of the Russian Far East and Russia’s largest and most important port in the Pacific Ocean. It is also one of the most significant naval bases as well as the home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet. Vladivostok is also a very charming city with magnificent, hilly settings, impressive architecture, numerous green islands nearby and spectacular sandy bays along the Pacific coast. One of the most notable features of this city is its Golden Horn Bay (named for its resemblance to Constantinople’s bay of the same name), over which a huge gorgeous bridge is being stretched now. The name of Vladivostok can be transtated from Russian as «Lord of the East». It was composed from two Russian words – «vladet’» (that means ‘possess’, ‘be the owner or the lord’) and «vostok» (that means ‘east’).



City tour in Vladivostok comprises visiting the most important sights of the city: Vladivostok’s Fortress, famous Submarine S-56 and Memorial Ship “Krasniy Vympel”. During this tour you will also see the city’s main street and Central Square. You will also be shown the symbolic Monument to Transsib – the notable column at the Vladivostok Train Station, that symbolize the end of Trans-Siberian Railway. There is a memorial inscription on it: “The Great Trans-Siberian Railway ends here. The distance from Moscow is 9288 kilometers”. We can also arrange for you a walking tour, during which you will enjoy strolling along the old streets of the town, where you will see the rare mixture of different architectural styles — Russian and oriental, classical and gothic, baroque and empire. We also highly recommend you to take a boat tour in the Golden Horn Bay to be able to see Vladivostok city from the see as usually views from the water are different than during the land tours and open the city from another side. Moreover during this boat tour your will see the famous 3 bridges of Vladivostok: Golden Bridge across the Golden Horn Bay; Russian Bridgethat unites Vladivostok with the Island Russkiy; and Low Level Bridge across the Amur Bay. All these three bridges have been recently built in Vladivostok to improved the city’s infrastructure. But besides the huge practical and technical use of these bridges in Vladivostok’s life, they also give a very modern and unusual look to the city. In the middle of XX century the Soviet government meant to make from Vladivostok the second San Francisco – and in the beginning of the XXI century this dream came true. To make your guided visits in Vladivostok more complete we suggest you to see the fantastic panorama of the city from its highest point. For this you will be lifted by the funicular to this famouse Vladivostok’s viewpoint. For the tourists, who prefer the tours connected with the World War II history or trekking and adventure tours, we can offer our guided trips to the Island Russkiy. In different parts of the Island Russkiy you will be able to see and visit its various Forts with remained fortifications and other military constructions of the war time. For example, Fort #3 (Fort Pospelogo) and Fort #10 (Fort of Prince Oleg). Also it is possible to arrange some trekking and hiking tours to see many picturesque places and sights of this island and also visit some special places of Vladivostok area. For this kind of tours we suggest visiting the following places – the Rock “The Rose of Winds” (with a magnificent panoramic view from its highest point), Bay Noviy Dzhigit (with its rocky scenery), Bay Shamora (peacefull and marvellous place for bathing and swimming as well as for having picnic), Cape Tobizina (with its stony landscapes), nearby Island Shkota (with its wild and rocky nature), etc.

NB! Prices are indicated PER PERSON in EUR.



3-4 PAX

5-6 PAX

City tour + Fortress + Submarine S-56 (4-5 hours)

City tour + Fortress + Submarine S-56 + boat trip in Golden Horn bay “Three bridges” (5-6 hours)

Excursion to the Island Russkiy – with visiting 1-3 Forts and a few bays (6-8 hours)

Trekking & hiking tour to the Rock “Rose of Winds” and Shamora Bay (8-9 hours)