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Train tickets to Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius (from Moscow & St. Petersburg)

High-speed train “ALLEGRO” (St.Petersburg – Helsinki)

The international high-speed train Allegro made its first trip from St. Petersburg to Helsinki and back in December 2010. This comfortable and modern train with the speed up to 220 km/h covers the distance between two cities in 3,5 hours! This makes “Allegro” train very attactive for tourists and business people.
The train was named “Allegro” by Italian manufacturers, who elaborated this train model. ‘Allegro’ is a musical term, originated from Italian language, that means fast and cheerful.
This fast train offers variety of services for the travellers. In the restaurant car you can enjoy various dishes of Finnish, Russian and European cuisine. You can also order different drinks from the bar or just have a coffee break. You can also get takeaway meals to enjoy them at your seat. The snacks & drinks, served at your seat, are included in the price of Business class passengers.
The play area is one of the main advantages of the train as it makes the train trip joyful and comfortable for small children and their parents. ALLEGRO train also features convenient space for prams and a toilet with baby care equipment. The train ALLEGRO is also equipped for passengers in wheelchairs. And moreover this train has got a special carriage prepared especially for the passengers travelling with pets. There are dog anchors at the seats for security. The travel time on this train is only about 3,5 hours,
The carriages of the Petersburg-Helsinki fast train are presented in 2 categories – business class and economy class. In addition, the train has also got a restaurant car, where you can have a snack or order complete meal.