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Train tickets to Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius (from Moscow & St. Petersburg)

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High-speed train “ALLEGRO” (St.Petersburg – Helsinki)

The international high-speed train Allegro made its first trip from St. Petersburg to Helsinki and back in December 2010. This comfortable and modern train with the speed up to 220 km/h covers the distance between two cities in 3,5 hours! This makes “Allegro” train very attactive for tourists and business people.
The train was named “Allegro” by Italian manufacturers, who elaborated this train model. ‘Allegro’ is a musical term, originated from Italian language, that means fast and cheerful.
This fast train offers variety of services for the travellers. In the restaurant car you can enjoy various dishes of Finnish, Russian and European cuisine. You can also order different drinks from the bar or just have a coffee break. You can also get takeaway meals to enjoy them at your seat. The snacks & drinks, served at your seat, are included in the price of Business class passengers.
The play area is one of the main advantages of the train as it makes the train trip joyful and comfortable for small children and their parents. ALLEGRO train also features convenient space for prams and a toilet with baby care equipment. The train ALLEGRO is also equipped for passengers in wheelchairs. And moreover this train has got a special carriage prepared especially for the passengers travelling with pets. For transportation of dogs thes special seats are equipped with fasteners for leash (for security). The travel time on this train is only about 3,5 hours.
The carriages of the fast train ‘St.Petersburg – Helsinki’ are presented in 2 categories – business class (1st class) and economy or tourist class (2-nd class). In addition, the train has also got a restaurant car, where you can have a snack or order complete meal.

Branded Train “LEV TOLSTOY” (Moscow – Helsinki)

The international overnight express train “LEV TOLSTOY” № 31/32 started circulating between Moscow and Helsinki from May 1975. It was named in honour of the great Russian writer – Lev Tolstoy (the author of the world famouse novel “War and Peace”). The train “Lev Tolstoy” was the first express overnight train that could reach the speed of 120 km/h. It departs from Leningradsky train station in Moscow. From June 2003 the train makes a stop in St.Petersburg at Ladozhskiy train station. The branded train “Lev Tolstoy” runs everyday, except for Saturdays. The train trip from Moscow to Helsinki lasts 14 h 27 min, and the travel time from Helsinki to Moscow is 14 h 32 min.
By June 2014 the 1st class and 2nd class carriages in this branded train have been renewed. And also the Luxury class car were added to this train.
The train LEV TOLSTOY consists of 17 carriages, comprising the 1st class (SV) carriages, 2nd class (coupe) carriages, Deluxe (VIP) carriage, cars-transporter carriage and restaurant-car. Each carriage is air conditioned and has its own electricity system. The train has got all required modern facilities necessary for traveling. The services in this train are of a very high level.

Train “BALTIC EXPRESS” (Moscow – St.Petersburg – Tallinn)

The international train “BALTIC EXPRESS” is a branded overnight train which connects the capitals of Russia (Moscow & St.Petersburg) and Estonia (Tallinn). In the timetable the name “Baltic Express” isn’t usually indicated, you will see only its number – № 33/34.
The train leaves Moscow in the evening, goes through St. Petersburg and arrives in Tallinn in the middle of the next day. If we speak about the route ‘Moscow – Tallinn’, in this case it is an overnight train. But in case of the route ‘St.Petersburg – Tallinn’ is a day train. Travel time from Moscow to Tallinn is 14 hours 22 minutes, and from Tallinn to Moscow17 hours 31 minutes. Travel time St.Petersburg – Tallinn is 7 hours 27 minutes, and Tallinn – St.Petersburg7 hours 33 minutes. The schedule may differ depending on the season (autumn – winter, spring – summer).
From Moscow it leaves from Leningradskiy train station, then in Saint-Petersburg it makes a stop at Moskovskiy train station and finally arrives in Tallinn, at Baltic train station. When the train “Baltic Express” passes through Ivangorod and Narva, making stops in these cities on different sides of the Russian-Estonian border, you can do some window sightseeing. Right from the windows of your carriage you can enjoy a view on Ivangorod fortress on the bank of the Narva river and Hermann castle, which also known as Narva or Livonian castle, on the Estonian side, as well as Narva power plant.
Equipment of branded cars:
– bio toilets;
– energy-saving led lights;
– electronic information panels;
– air-conditioner.
Services in branded cars: bedding sets, towels; Wi-Fi.
The restaurant in the dining car serves a wide range of hot dishes, appetizers, salads, desserts, hot and cold drinks; dishes of national cuisine of Estonia; chocolate with symbols “Baltic Express”.
All the carriages of this train are equipped with new soft removable inventory and bedding, carpets along the passage and sun curtains.
The carriages of the train BALTIC EXPRESS are presented in 3 categories – 1st class (VIP class / comfortable sleeping cars), 2nd class (tourist class / sleeping cars) and economy class (carriages with seats).

Train “LATVIAN EXPRESS” (Moscow – Riga)
and Train “BALTIYA” (St.Petersburg – Riga)

The international overnight branded train “Latvijas Ekspresis” (LATVIAN EXTRESS) of the Latvian railway, scheduled under number 001/002, runs between Moscow and Riga daily all year round, except 31st of December. But it can be possible that in winter the train might be tremporary cancelled due to a significant reduction in the number of passengers. It leaves from Rizhskiy train station in Moscow in the second part of the day, and arrives in Riga next day in the morning. Depending on the schedule, the journey takes from 14 to 16 hours.
Between St.Petersburg and Riga goes the express train “Baltija” (BALTIYA) № 037/038. It leaves from Vitebskiy train station in St.Petersburg in the second part of the day, and arrives in Riga next day in the morning. The journey takes about 15 hours.
The travel by “Latvian Express” or “Baltija” is a comfortable way to get to the Latvian capital from Russian capitals and vice versa.
Both trains have about 6-8 short stops and 2 large stops in the cities of Sebezh (Russia) and Zilupe (Latvia). These stops last about 45-50 minutes due to passport border control.
The carriages of the trains LATVIAN EXPRESS and BALTIYA are presented in 3 categories – Business class (VIP class), 1st class (premium class) and 2nd class (tourist class).
Compartment of business class (Suite for 2-3 persons):
Each compartment of the business class has a sofa, convertible into a double bed of lower level, and additional upper shelf; table, folding-out armchair-bed, built-in wardrobe and sink with a washing basin (with hot and cold water). The compartment provides local lighting, air conditioning, as well as an individual audio/ video system and a disco bar (music and video discs in the range).
*Besides in the business class carriage there is a shower cabin and two toilets with sinks.
1st class compartment (for 2 persons):
Both beds are of the same lower level and located on both sides of the table. Each compartment has a TV for watching movies (three channels with the ability to watch movies upon your choice), additional lighting, air conditioning.
*Besides, in 1st class car there are two toilets with sinks.
2nd class compartment (for 4 persons):
In each compartment of 2nd class there are 2 lower beds and 2 upper beds; a table, additional lighting, air conditioning.
*Besides, in the 2nd class car there are two toilets with sinks.

Express Train “YANTAR” (Moscow – Vilnius)
and Standard Train (St.Petersburg – Vilnius)

You can go from Moscow to Lithuanian capital by the international & domestic branded train “Yantar” (‘Amber’) № 29/30 that runs along the route ‘Moscow – Vilnius – Kaliningrad’ since 1961. The train departs from Moscow at 17:20 from the Belorusskiy railway station; and arrives in Vilnius the next day at 06:23.
The train “Yantar” runs daily throughout the year, except for the 31st of December. This train is an express train – and thus the journey takes by this overnight train from Moscow to Vilnius about 14 hours, and the way from Vilnius to Moscow takes about 13 hours.
The name of the train “Yantar” is translated into English as ‘amber’, which refers to that fact that one of the largest deposits of this gem is considered to be on the Baltic coast.
The train is equipped with the modern carriages, constructed according to the latest technology. In the hot periods the air conditioning is working smoothly, for the cold season there is electric heating on the train. The corridors are equipped with electronic information boards and bio toilets. The train YANTAR offers passengers a rather high level of comfort and service. Modern technologies make the journey more comfortable and safe.
The standard overnight train № 79/80 from St.Petersburg to Vilnuis also finally goes to Kaliningrad. The travel from St.Petersburg to the Lithuanian capital takes about 17 hours. The return way is about the same. The train departs from Vitebskiy train station in St. Petersburg at 15:30; and arrives in Vilnius the next day at 08:50.
The Central Vilnius Raiway Station is located very close to the ‘Old Town’ district. So, it is very comfortable to arrive there as a lot of hotels and tourists places are situated within a walking distance from Vilnius train station.
The carriages of the both trains to Vilnius are as follows: 1st class (comfortable sleeping cars with 2-berth compartments), 2nd class (comfortable sleeping cars with 4-berth compartments). Also there is a restaurant car in each of these trains.