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Train Tickets Moscow – St. Petersburg

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High-speed day trains SAPSAN was manufactured by the “Siemens” company specially for Russian Railways. The train Sapsan runs between two capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg. The trip by Sapsan train can be made early in the morning, right in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. This train goes every day, several times each day. In summer there more options for the train Sapsan, then in winter. Each train has 10 o 20 carriages.
The High-speed train Sapsan got its name in honor of the fastest bird in the world – Peregrin Falcon, a predator of the Falconidae. On its high-speed trip the speed of the Sapsan train can reach 250 kilometers per hour. The travel time on this train is only about 3,5-4 hours, that makes this type of train very attactive for tourists and business people.
The carriages of the new Moscow-Petersburg express train are presented in three categories – first class, business class and economy class. In addition to these carriages, the train has also got a bistro-car, where you can have a snack or order the food to be carried to your seat.


The train “Red Arrow” (‘Krasnaya Strela’) № 001/002 is the most famous overnight train between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The direction Moscow – St. Petersburg has always been one of the most popular train route in Russia. On this rail road the first Russian branded train, Red Arrow, appeared in 1931. Despite the considerable age, this train is still an example for all the branded trains in Russia, because during all this time it has been updated many time. The “Red Arrow” train totally approves its status of a branded and provides its passengers with a full range of services along the way, as well as possesses exquisite interiors of its carriges. The train runs every day, speeds up to 160 km/h, the travel time is 8 hours. It’s an overnight train. The train schedule “Red Arrow” is made so as the passengers have the opportunity to relax normally while the journey. An everyday train trips of “Red Arrow” were interrupted only during Leningrad’s Blockage in 1941-1944. In 1944 the train running between two Russian capitals and since then it is the measure of punctuality, comfort and stability.
This overnight train Moscow-Petersburg has got three categories of carriages – Luxe (VIP) class, 1st class (SV) and 2nd class (coupe). In addition to these carriages, the train has also got a restaurant-car, where you can have a dinner or just ask for a drink. The departure and arrival of the train “Red Arrow” from/to St. Petersburg (Moskovsky railway station) is accompanied by “The Hymn to the Great City” (composed by Reinhold Gliere) and dedicated to St. Petersburg.


An overnight train “Express” №003/004 (Moscow – St. Petersburg) is functioning as a backup (double) of the train “Red Arrow”. In 1976 due to the increasing of the number of passengers travelling between St.Petersburg and Moscow, the Russian Railways started the second overnight train of the same level and almost the same time-tables Red Arrow trai. From the first days of its service till November of 2013 it departed from Moscow as well as from St. Petersburg just
4 minutes aftes the train Red Arrow, and arrives to Moscow as well as to St. Petersburg just 5 minutes after the arrival of Red Arrow train. In 2007 the train 003/004 was fully renovated got its present name “Express”. In 2013 according to passenders requests and demands the time-table of the train EXPRESS was changed. Now it departs at 23:30 and arrives at 08:30 (the next day). So nowaways the train “Express” runs every night; the travel time is 9 hours. The train EXPRESS consists of 18 carriages, comprising the 1st class (SV) carriages, 2nd class (coupe) carriages, Deluxe (VIP) carriages and restaurant car. Each carriage is air conditioned and has it’s own electricity system.


The train GRAND EXPRESS №053/054 (Moscow – St. Petersburg) is a real hotel on wheels. ‘Grand Express’ is considered to a deluxe train and offers the services of high level: spacious and air-conditioned sleeping carriages with shower cabins, toilets, comfortable sofas, LCD TV-sets, DVD-players and Wi-Fi Internet access. It is the first private train in Russia (it meants that this train that does not belong to the Russian Railway) and even in the standard compartments of this train the level of services is higher than in 1st class carriages of standard and even branded Russian trains. The train “Grand Express” runs every night; the travel time is 8 hours 30 min. The train EXPRESS consists of 14 carriages of 8 categories – from Economy (2nd class) carriages to Grand Imperial (Super VIP) carriages and restaurant car.


Double-decker trains №005/006 & №008/007 (Moscow – St.Petersburg) are modern, clean and offer an amazing travel experience for very reasonable and even low prices. In 2015 a double-decker train started running between Moscow and St.Petersburg and became a rather popular. Its carriages of two levels only a bit differ from the usual ones. The only exception is the ceiling, that is lower in a double-decker than in a standard train. Because of this the top (upper) berth of each compartment is less spacious so as you won’t be able to sit on it. But usually people is sitting on the lower berth. For the same reason there are no additional overhead luggage shelves in these trains. But the excellent facilities of the train compensate all these slight disadvantages. All carriages are equipped with 3 comfortable bio-toilets, LED lighting, hygienical sets, heating and air-conditioning systems. The double-decker trains consist of 12 carriages of 2nd class and restaurant car.