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Travel to Russia from Russian tour-operator

Trans-Siberian tours

Our travel company offers different Tours in Trans-Siberian cities and places of the most important tourist attaction such as: Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Baikal, Ulan-Ude, Vladivostok and others. We arrange different types of Transsib tours: ethnographic excursions, historical visits, active tours and journeys in summer and winter and various special local activities. We will give you an opportunity to make an unforgettable train travel accross the territory of Russian Federation with tourist stops in most important cities and interesting places. This trip can be from the Ural mountains, accross the Yenisey river, passing by Akademgorodok and Baikal Lake with possible following course to Ulan-Ude and Vladivostok. Our guided tours will certainly help you to see and feel different parts of Russia with their own customs and traditions, local peculiarities, fabulous landscapes, unique nature, magnificent historical monuments, remarkable technical and arquitectural items and etc.

Tours in the Urals

Baikal Tours

Tours in Siberia

Tours in Far East

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The tours can be booked separately or we can offer you a special individual touristic programme according to your own itinerary or personal preferences. Our excursions can be organized with private transport or on foot and include the service of an individual guide speaking the required language: English or Spanish or Italian or French or German or some other language (upon request). We organize the tours for individual clients as well as for the organized groups. For the groups of more than 7 people we offer the agreeable discounts. If you have your own individual group and want to arrange for it some tours or complete tourist programme or full tour-package, please, send us a request to our e-mail info@mk-tours.com. If you are an individual client with your personal request, or you would like to have an excursion which is not mentioned on our web-site, please, also contact us. If you order with us more than 2 excursions, we’ll offer you a discount of 5-10%.