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Travel to Russia from Russian tour-operator

Transfers in Russian cities

We can arrange for you private transfers in Moscow, St.Petersburg and other Russian cities. You can order with us the transfers IN/OUT – that means meeting and departure transfers. For example: from the airport / train station / river or sea port / city bus station to the hotel / B&B / rented apartment or vice versa – from the place of your accommodation (hotel or apartment or guest house) to the railway or bus station / city airport / sea or river port. And also you can book with us different city transfers: for example, from the hotel (or another place of your accomodation) to the theatre (or folk show place or restaurant or etc.) and back.
Our standard transfers don’t comprise any guide service, but it is possible to provide for you a guide service (that can be useful especially for meeting transfer) upon your request and for extra payment. In this case our guide (who speaks your language) will meet you at the airport / train station / port / city bus station – and then will accompany you to the hotel (or another place of your accomodation), giving on the way the important introductory information about our country and the city of your visit. Also the giude will show you around the area of your place of accommodation and help you with check-in and etc.


IMPORTANT! But for GROUPS from 8-10PAX the guide for meeting and departure transfers is required. In St.Petersburg a manager of our tourist company can also accompany a tourist group from/to the airport or railway station or etc. In some other cities our colleagues also can help with meeting and seeing off our groups.


You can order with us the transfers by private car (for 1-2PAX)/ mini-van (for 3-6 PAX) / mini-bus (up to 15-18PAX) / medio-bus (up to 25-40 PAX) / big standard bus (up to 45-53PAX). Regarding the fact that for the transfer you go with your luggage, you will need some certain space for your suitcases and bags in a vehicle. Thus we suggest you the following terms of transfer booking:
– for 1-2PAX – private car
– for 3-5PAX – private mini-van
– for 6-12PAX – private mini-bus / * the possibility of this vehicle type for transfer for 11-12PAX depends on the quantity of luggage
– for 10-25 – private medio-bus / * the possibility of this vehicle type for transfer for 21-25PAX depends on the quantity of luggage
– for 21-45PAX – private big bus

IMPORTANT! So, please, indicate the number of your luggage pieces while reserving IN/OUT transfers. It will help us arrange for you / your group the appropriate vehicle.

     big bus (45-55PAX)      medio-bus (35-40PAX)     medio-bus (25-30PAX)

    mini-bus (15-20PAX)          mini-van (3-8PAX)         standard car (1-2PAX)


– You don’t need to wait when the car arrives (as in case of ordering a taxi), as our driver or meeting person (guide or company manager) will already be at the airport (or another place of your arrival) already waiting for you, holding a sign with your name on it.
– You will have a fixed price for the transfer (that already include 1-1,5 hours waiting for you at the airport)
– Our transfer is safe and our drivers are helpful and polite. We work with concrete drivers and know them. And all of them drive safely and carefully.
– Our manager (or guide) also contact via our driver with the clients right upon their arrival – to welcome and greet the tourists and maybe tell some important information if necessary.


IMPORTANT! In St.Petersburg and some other Russian cities, for transfers from 23:00 till 06:00 will be taken the so called ‘night supplement’. So, to understand if you can have standard prices for required transfers or need to pay this night supplement, please, indicate in your request for (or message) your arrival / departure data: your flight/train/bus/ship arrival time and/or departure time.