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We invite you to St.Petersburg (Russia) to visit 4 matches of EURO 2020 (European Foolball Championship)! We organize special tours in St.Petersburg for visiting this important sport event and offer you to experience unforgettable emotions of footbal fan and tourist as well. With our professional help you will be able to enjoy football matches and get to know the cultural capital of Russia – city of St. Petersburg. You will have a wonderful opportunity to combine your love for football with interest in Russian history and culture. We invite you to St.Petersburg for EURO 2020 to suppport of your team and also to visit the world famous museums and most beautiful parks and palaces. St.Petersburg’s theatres and concert halls also are waiting for you as well as one of the best footbal stadiums of FIFA World Cup 2018 – GAZPROM (ZENIT) ARENA.

Visit St.Petersburg & discover it with MK-TOURS on UEFA EURO 2020!


The dates of this sport event (in St.Petersburg): 13 June 2020, 17 June 2020, 22 June 2020 and 03 July 2020

Matches of UEFA EURO 2020 Football Cup in ST.PETERSBURG with MK-TOURS Travel Company!

The schedule of EURO 2020 matches in St.Petersburg):
13 June 2020: Group stage match
17 June 2020: Group stage match
22 June 2020: Group stage match
03 July 2020: 1/4 finals match